Choice Roof Contractor Group

At Grizzly Roofing, we understand that providing quality roofing services depends largely on two things: quality roofing products and skilled roofers to install them. Grizzly Roofing has both for any project by leveraging its association with nationwide Choice Roof Contractor Group.

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As part of Choice Roof Contractor Group, we have access to direct factory training for professional classroom and hands-on instruction in roofing application. We also are committed to providing long-term security, reducing overall costs, and delivering lasting energy efficiency through our use of Conklin roofing solutions.

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Our Partners

We work with two esteemed organizations to bring our clients the best in manufacturer products and customer service: 

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  1. Choice Roof Contractor Group – Being part of the Choice Roof Contractor Group means meeting certain requirements and maintaining a good track record. Contractors part of the group are known for their high-performance standards, quality workmanship, reliable and efficient roof servicing, and shared commitment to all-around excellence and professionalism. In addition to offering the best service, Choice Roof Contractors offer some of the best warranty coverage in commercial roofing. In short, Grizzly Roofing offers tremendous value for customers who want long-lasting roof protection at competitive rates.
  1. Conklin Roofing Systems – Members of Choice Roof Contractor Group use Conklin products for their superior protection against the elements and substantial energy efficiency via their reflective properties. More than 40 years ago, Conklin formulated roofing coatings. Today, Conklin Roofing Systems manufactures multiple different lines to deliver unsurpassed value for building owners, property managers, and contractors alike. Whether you’re a roofing contractor, building owner, or facility manager, you can be sure that Conklin Roofing Systems are a smart investment.

The Grizzly Advantage

There are many exclusive advantages to hiring Grizzly Roofing for your commercial or residential roofing needs:

  • Group-wide Accountability – Other contractors in the group keep us accountable. What does this mean? If we would ever provide sub-standard service or not meet our obligations, Grizzly Roofing would lose it’s association with the group and all the many benefits and resources enjoyed.
  • Factor Training – Grizzly Roofing’s leading roofing technician is factory trained to offer seamless and sustainable roofing systems.
  • Warranties – We offer non-prorated manufacturer warranties for full coverage during the entire term of your roof.
  • Cost-Savings – As a part of Choice Roof Contractor Group, Grizzly Roofing uses Conklin Roof Systems premier products, which have potential savings of tens of thousands of dollars in installation and energy costs.

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When you hire Grizzly Roofing, you are hiring a roofing contractor that is backed by the support and depth of knowledge of two other time-tested, national companies – Conklin and Choice Roof Contractor Group.

Our affiliation with these prominent and respected organizations is just one more reason to go with Grizzly Roofing. We guarantee you will be satisfied with the high-caliber work and friendly customer experience you receive with Grizzly Roofing. Call (256) 682-8639 today to learn more.